Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Disaster Preparedness for PetsIf you have pets in your house, they need to be included in the family disaster plan. Disasters can include fire, flood, earthquake, hazardous material spill, severe weather or other emergency situation. Disasters may require evacuation or shelter in place and we need to be ready for both. The following are good components to a pet disaster plan:

• Written disaster plan including alternate routes for evacuation known to all family members
• Emergency contact phone numbers for family members, neighbors, emergency services, your veterinarian, places for you and your animals to stay (remember that Red Cross Evacuation Sites do not permit pets)
• Ownership and veterinary records for your pets including their identification
• Evacuation kits for each pet including a crate, food, water and medications required by your pets, toys or blanket to reduce stress
• Animal first aid kit prepared on advice of your veterinarian, including a first aid manual for pets
• Be ready to evacuate as soon as the order comes through to prevent accidents and injuries during evacuation
• When you return after evacuation, be sure to check your property for damage and potentially dangerous sites for your pets, keep your pets inside to get acclimated back to home

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